To the reader

Network scientific publication «Sustainable development: design and management» is addressed to the scholars, teachers and students, employees of federal and regional governments, as well as all those interested in the practical application of ideas and mechanisms for sustainable development movement to a qualitatively new state of society , development and integration of natural, engineering and social sciences. We begin in the context of the global crisis (financial, economic, social) speaking on sustainable development, it would seem, we can only dream of it. But the crisis updates. Right now, it is necessary not only to look for ways out of the crisis, to design the transition to sustainable development. It is necessary to design the transition from crisis to stable regime increasing economic and social development. To evaluate the traffic on this road is necessary to develop a set of measures based on objective, measurable terms that show deviations from the predetermined direction. Entering the stage of development of objective values will help to assess threats of potential crises and to develop a set of measures in order to prevent their occurrence. It is necessary to develop methods for the management of sustainable development, which provide the implementation of new technologies without recessions after renewing action of their explosive potential. We need to create mathematical models, information technologies that manage sustainable development, ensuring social stability, when no changes in the external conditions of the world economy, nor innovation and technological revolution, do not destroy the livelihoods of millions of people. Thus, research design methods for sustainable development, the transition to such a dir prop work and social economic mechanism should be complemented by methods of motion control of the country in a stable environment of constant growth. These areas of scientific research are very relevant. Problems of sustainable development has become a subject of theoretical and applied research, actively discussed in the scientific press, journalism, at national and international conferences. Political, environmental, organizational, financial, and economic aspects of sustainable development are the subject of many works of domestic and foreign scholars. However, few studies in which theoretical and methodological foundations of these aspects are interrelated in a coherent picture are based on the general laws of nature in terms of universal systemic measures.
The International University of Nature, Society and Man «Dubna» at the Department of Sustainable Development was formed and developed over the years, evolving scientific school of sustainable development (
The ideology of our school sustainable development has fundamentally different application methods, which are based on the universal laws of nature, as well as innovative technologies for the design of sustainable development. Scientific school of sustainable development is known far beyond Russia. Subject of its work covers theoretical and methodological research, as well as is applied in research in various aspects of sustainable development: organization, planning and management, technology, ecology, economy, social sphere, ideology, philosophy. Many works were done in collaboration with domestic and foreign partners of the department and have been tested by an interdisciplinary seminar on «Fundamental and applied problems of sustainable development.» A number of works supported by grants from the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and international grants.
Scientists around the world have long and successful contact with each other. However, the acceleration of the rhythm of life, science, economy requires an increase in the intensity of scientific communication. For this it is necessary to accelerate the process of introducing into scientific circulation of new ideas, methods and technologies, particularly in areas that are related to sustainable development. We believe that network scientific publication will help create a unified communication space for those who are engaged in issues of sustainable and innovative development. The purpose of the network edition is prompt publication of significant research findings in the field of sustainable development and effective practical results of their application, the proliferation of new theoretical developments and positive experience on sustainable development using Internet technologies.
Network journals is a rapidly growing technology that allows a wide range of readers quickly get acquainted with the latest scientific developments, free to pursue discussions with authors and other stakeholders. And, very important, it provides a constant and reliable access to the materials and their long-term storage. All these advantages allow considering this technology as one of the most important ways of disseminating scientific knowledge at the present stage of development of world science.
We hope that our magazine will become an information platform for dialogue, interested and professional discussion of different opinions, beliefs, attitudes and conduct creative discussions.