For authors

Conditions of acceptance, review, and passing materials for publication

To publish your article, you should:

  1. Submit application and the text of the article (no abstracts), Submit application and the text of the article (no abstracts) prepared under rule clearance to the journal by
  2. Edition email informs the author of the fact and date of receipt of package copyright materials (notification is sent to the author for 3 days).
  3. After reviewing the materials (the decision on publication of the editorial board and accepted by the Editorial Board within one month) Editorial notifies authors of its decision by email.
  4. When deciding on the publication of the article the authors are sent by email to address simultaneously by registered mail to the editorial office (or delivered in person to the editor):
  1. article prepared according to the established rules of design – electronic and printed versions;
    The electronic version of the article will be sent by email to address Sent by electronic version of the paper and printed on paper (A4 sheets), printed version of the article must be identical.
  2. the original application;

    Application form

  3. original recommendations with reviews 2 experts, with a degree or PhD candidate, whose scientific specialty or a list of scientific papers correspond to scientifically oriented articles, signed by the reviewers, certified by the personnel department, and printing establishments;
    Reviewing this article may not be of its author (or co-author), scientific director of any of the authors. Recommending the names are not published in the magazine and no one reported.

    Blank recommendations

  4. agreement on the transfer of the rights to publish the article.
    In accordance with Russian legislation, the author (s) transmitting the chief editor of the electronic scholarly edition of the rights to publish the manuscript, which fill the form of agreement on the transfer of rights and transfer it to the editor (in person or by mail, fax or in electronic form). Author retains all other rights as owners of the manuscript: the copyright to this work and other statutory moral rights. Founder owns the copyright to the journal as a whole.

    Agreement form

Documents referred to in paragraphs a, b, c, d, e (article, the original application, the original recommendations with reviews 2 experts, the direction of the organization agreement to transfer the rights to publish the article) sent by registered letter, delivered personally and sent by email.

  1. Article accepted for publication is edited (editing that goes beyond the purely grammatical, is consistent with the author and stamped his signature edited «disagree»), translated to PDF and HTML, posted on the website of the
The Editorial Board has the right to see a doctor of Sciences, reviewed the specific article for a more detailed explanation of opinions on recommending this article. Publication in the magazine is printed papers.
  1. Articles that factual material submitted to careless or improper content of the article summaries without correct summary in English, without rules, ordered by journal bibliographic index accepted for publication will not.
Proceedings of scientific conferences are accepted for publication on the proposal of the Conference Organizing Committee. The order is determined by reviewing the work by a special agreement between the Editorial Board and the organizing committee. We shall consider the articles written in Russian. Translations of articles in a second language can be made by the author and is also available in the magazine. Authors draw attention to the need to provide high quality professional translation of articles into English. Upon detection of an expert editorial ENI poor quality translation article will be rejected.
The editors reserve the right to select articles. The article can be sent to the authors for revision in 3 days or rejected both formal and on scientific grounds. Selection criteria are compliance profile of the journal, novelty, relevance and validity of the results. Submitted materials will not be returned. In addition, the editorial board may reject the article; the authors did not explain the reasons for this.
Authors bear full responsibility for the content of the articles and the fact of their publication. Editorial Board is not liable to the author and / or third parties and organizations for possible damage caused by the publication of the article.
  1. Copyright can get help on the publication of the article in the magazine, which can be assigned to him in person, by mail or by fax.
  2. For inquiries about the article’s publication in the journal should be directed to application for a certificate

    Blank applications for help

  3. Editors have the right to withdraw the published article, if it turns out that in the process of publication of the article had been violated someone’s rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics. The fact of withdrawal Editorial articles reported the author, who presented a paper recommending the organization and where the work was performed.
An article in the journal does not preclude its subsequent publication in other journals on paper.
It may be distributed over electronic networks of any Journal articles or excerpts from them, but with special reference to the source.
It is prohibited to publish and / or distribute materials of the magazine to the third parties or organizations in print and electronic media firm.
  1. According to the Federal Law of December 29, 1994 № 77-FZ «On obligatory copy of the document» Procedure for registration of electronic and scientific publications, publications must be considered when defending dissertations, all editions ENI rewritten on CD-ROM and will be transferred FSUE STC «Informregistr» for registration, which will be stored indefinitely. In addition, all issues will be kept at the office. Thereby providing protection for the rights of authors of articles published in the magazine.