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Edition №1 (6) 2011

№ p/p Number Author(s), article
1 0421100138\0001 Mazhenov N., Mazhenova A.
Energetic basis of the theory of labor value of A.Smith and D.Ricardo
2 0421100138\0002 Bolshakov B.E.
Study of the interrelationship of concepts of physical monads M.V. Lomonosov spiritual monad G.Leibniz
3 0421100138\0003 Protopopov A.I.
Presentation «delokratii»
4 0421100138\0004 Chernenko C.M., Pinigin M.A.
Hygienic characteristics, evaluation and prediction of human exposure to the priority of physical factors of the environment for sustainable urban development

Edition №2 (7) 2011

№ p/p Number Author(s), статья
1 0421100138\0005 Vozhmintcev B.S.
The modern world as a confrontation of different ideologies
2 0421100138\0006 Bolshakov B.E., Gordina L.S.
Sustainable development and Noo-Constitution humanity
3 0421100138\0007 Vasilev U.S., Ermilov V.V.
Sustainable development of the technosphere in the nature — society — man: introduction to the problem
4 0421100138\0008 Pugach V.N.
The role of education in improving the quality of training for sustainable innovation development
5 0421100138\0009 Doronina O.D.
Methodological approaches to the integration of education into national education systems for sustainable development
6 0421100138\0010 Kurbatov A.V.
The paradigm of sustainable development in education
7 0421100138\0011 Golubev V.V.
Diversification of the education system as a basis for sustainable development
8 0421100138\0012 Alimova N.K.
The development of atypical forms of employment for sustainable innovative development of the country
9 0421100138\0013 Kokorev I.A.
Problems of intellectual labor market in the conditions of formation of the national innovation system
10 0421100138\0014 Kostrukova N.N.
Training in «commercialization of scientific developments» in the conditions of formation of an innovative economy
11 0421100138\0015 Antciferova P.A.
Creation of an open university complex lifelong learning in the area of sustainable innovation development